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The National TOP 5 Super Seller Contest
do you have what it takes to win?

Dutchland Frozen Foods (makers of the Pastry Puffins® and PuffCrust Pizza) is sponsoring a nation-wide sales contest that pays cash prizes for the top five sellers of the Pastry Puffins® and PuffCrust Pizza in the Spring 2020 Fundraising Season (January - June 30). Super Seller prizes are as follows: 1st - $500, 2nd - $400, 3rd - $300, 4th - $200, and 5th - $100. The Super Seller list will be updated weekly on this website. So, check the site to see how many units you will need to sell to get into the prize money. Top Five Super Seller prizes go only to individual sellers.

Current National Super Sellers
Contest ends on June 30, 2020
Award Name Organization State Units Sold
$500 Morgan RCHS Band NE 190
$400 Camdon Lincoln Elementary School MN 151
$300 Majesty Mt. Vernon High/JH School FCCLA 126
$200 Gary Immanuel Lutheran Daycare NE 107
Tied for 5th $50 ea Brystol The Dance Academy MN 101
Tied for 5th $50 ea Okley Heartland Gymnastics NE 101
Last Season's National Super Sellers
Award Name Organization State Units Sold
$500 Kinley Bxtreme Dance Studio NE 275
$400 Deb Playhouse Theater ND 230
$300 Bradie Burlington Mudd Dawgs 9u IA 178
$200 Emma Ada-Borup High School Close up Group MN 164
$100 Christopher Schuyler Middle School Dc Trip NE 154
ended December 31, 2019

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